Woman's Outside Turn Comments ( Sgl Step Swing)

Comments About Counts for this Woman's Outside Turn:
  • Beat 1 (or slightly before): Man steps on L foot as usual.  Man raises L hand to cue Woman to turn.  Also light pressure with his R hand on her shoulder if in closed position.
  • Beat 2: M pivots Left 1/2 turn on L foot, W pivots Right 1/2 turn on R foot
  • Beat 3: M steps on R foot as usual.

Note the rhythm is the same as the basic.  The big difference is that:
  • For the basic, Beat 2 is a "hold" or a "wait".
  • But for this turn, on Beat 2 both partners are doing the 1/2 turn pivot on the ball of the foot they used for Beat 1 (the M's Left, and W's Right foot).
  • ***Note we're NOT adding any steps.  We're just adding a pivot 1/2 turn during Beat 2, using the ball of the foot that we already stepped on for Beat 1.
Said another way:
  • *For the basic you could count:  "(1) Step (2) Wait, (3) Step (4) Wait, (5) Rock (6) Step".
  • *For this turn, you could count:  "(1) Step (2) TURN, (3) Step (4) Wait, (5) Rock (6) Step"
  • Note for the "Triple Step Swing", this turn will be much easier, because you will have 6 steps instead of 2 steps to make the turn.